With over 70 years of combined service with IG Wealth Management, we have a great deal of practical experience working with high net worth business owners, professionals, retirees and suddenly singles. We take the worry out of personal financial matters by engaging in a comprehensive review of clients' personal and business lives, and then preparing financial projections for their lifetimes.

Our focus will be on minimizing taxes, both currently and in the future. We will develop a detailed plan of where your retirement income will come from, and will ensure that your funds will last your lifetime. We create investment portfolios, appropriate for a client’s risk tolerance and financial goals, with a focus to protect against market fluctuations. We keep clients focused and invested through good markets and bad. We will complete a risk assessment and stress test the detailed plan. We work with clients to ensure that they have proper wills, POAs and personal directives in place, as well as a tax efficient estate plan to pass assets to loved ones and important charities. We also work with our clients' children to ensure that they are set up for financial success.

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